Research - Cooperation (R & D)

With sincere thanks to our Prime Minister of Canada; The Honourable Mr. Justin Trudeau and the Premier of Alberta Canada; The Honourable Mr. Jason Kenny and our trusted global partners, today our network has been extended to include: Asia pacific (Hong Kong, China, Japan), the US, Canada and Europe. We have achieved various agreements for R&D, product customization in areas such as medical science, technology and environmental research through our ECHAPS PROGRAM.


  • EHCAPS PROGRAM is continually working on clean technologies and several “Environmentally Friendly Product Solutions” derived from the recycling of sea food waste that is normally obtained from natural fresh cycle of sea food processing industrial units


  • EHCAPS PROGRAM and its strong R &D team practices aim at the promotion of environmental protection causes as well as enhance economic growth in areas of alternative product making. Some of its common uses include – substitution of Plastic polymers, household, office and commercial goods, food and packaging, plastic sheets. Moreover, its purpose is to secure the environment and develop new industries and employment opportunities for both Canadian and international citizens.


  • EHCAPS PROGRAM (Environmental and Healthcare Protection System) is another successful example that Amrich has introduced on multiple world platforms including MOPGA (Make our planet green again). Furthermore, Amrich R&D professionals worked hard to develop a strong antiviral resistance product that provides a quick chemical barrier against viruses and bacteria. Such products can ensure public safety in crowded areas thus saving millions of lives around the globe.


  • EHCAPS PROGRAM we guarantee our products will protect all front-line health care employees and first responders
  • EHCAPS PROGRAM will reduce the mortality rates to patients that have underlying medical conditions
  • EHCAPS PROGRAM will protect our vulnerable and elderly citizens
  • EHCAPS PROGRAM guarantees clean technology
  • EHCAPS PROGRAM will bring economic benefits to all citizens
  • EHCAPS PROGRAM will bring employment to all citizens
  • EHCAPS PROGRAM will assist multiple industries maintain cost effective pricing
  • EHCAPS PROGRAM will allow products to be made locally


  • Medical Textile Industries
  • Chemical Industries
  • Plastics
  • Food & Packaging
  • Environment
  • Health Care

We wish to express our gratitude in advance for your continuous support.

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Medical Journals / Writings

We actively correspond and collaborate with the goal to establish mutual co-operations between organizations, medical associations, NGOs and other units in the health industry. Our main aim is to keep these entities united by setting up a strong platform of communication and knowledge sharing through medical journals, books, abstracts, other personal and online sources in general.


Amrich is looking forward to working with you and we are open to all proposals, joint partnerships, contracts etc.  Any support can and will go a long way in accomplishing our goals and accelerating our R&D team’s efforts and processes.

Technological Ideas

We believed in the process of scientific discovery through time. Since the beginning, we have never looked back and over the years we have grown to be faster and stronger. Working in an era of modern industrialization, we have successfully developed partnerships in China and around the globe. We are devoted in providing a wide range of medical solutions such as providing information regarding procedures and methods, types of existing and new medical equipment. Our area of specialty includes but is not limited to bio-medical science, surgery, laboratory, pharmaceutical or other environmental related products, chemicals, devices and equipment’s.


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