About Us


Our Vision

Our technological advancement in the area of protective devices, environmental, consumer devices as well as new material. Through our dedication and determination, we have developed a rapid chemical barrier system named “EHCAPS MODEL”. Our system is nanotechnology-based products, solutions and chemical formulas that are FDA approved from naturally sourced sea food waist.


AMRICH-INC is an ALBERTA based corporation that was established on August 5th, 2014.

We serve healthcare technology innovations, environmental protection and discovery of new alternative sources of natural raw material while providing environmentally friendly product solutions.

We are currently working on our EHCAPS Alberta wide 2020 platform. This upgraded plan is geared to small industrial units. These units will provide service in healthcare protection devices and other protective materials.

We generously offer our consultancy services for all government and public sector clients in the area of promoting Environmental-Efficiencies. 

To reduce the risk for local population during mass scale industrial cycles, we identify new sources of employment, provide safety walls for involved workers and safeguards for public health and community interests worldwide.


Our day to day core values are teamwork, team-building and mutual respect. We embrace multi-culturalism. We strongly discourage any discriminatory acts against color, gender, race, religion, or age. Our business philosophy is based on honesty and integrity.


Background: Our EHCAPS Program is a leading technological example in health care and environmental production area. Prior to the COVID-19 global pandemic, AMRICH INC. CANADA had been raising their voices throughout The National Research Council of Canada(NRC), Make Our Planet Green Again (MOPGA) and many other scientific agencies, and had proposed (ahead of time) high technological solutions to COMBAT PUBLIC HEALTH EMERGENCY SITUATIONS ACROSS THE WORLD. 

AMRICH INC. LIMITED CANADA is a small to medium organization located in our beautiful City of Edmonton. Our qualified Research and Development team of scientists have shown great courage and dedication and have discovered a series of EHCAPS plans, products, methods and solutions to defeat the combat against COVID-19 and any future viral episodes. These EHCAPS solutions will reduce the maximum level to prevent transmission and will ensure public health safety on time.


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