Research - Cooperation (R & D)

With sincere thanks to God as well as all of our trusted global partners, today our network has been extended to include Asia pacific (Hong Kong, China, Japan), the USA, Canada and Europe. We have achieved in various agreements for R&D, product customization and etc in areas such as medical science, technology and environmental research.

We wish to express in advance our gratitude for your continuous support in the future.

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Medical Journals / Writings

We actively correspond and collaborate for knowledge exchange ideas, with the goal to establish mutual co-operations between organizations, medical associations, NGOs and other units in health industry. Our main aim is to keep the entities united by setting up a strong platform of communication and knowledge sharing through medical journals, books, abstracts, other personal and online sources in general.

Technology Ideas

We believe in the process of scientific discovery through time. Since the beginning, we had never looked back and over the years we have grown to be faster and stronger. Working in an era of modern industrialization, we have successfully developed partnerships in China and around the globe. We are devoted in providing a wide range of medical solutions such as providing information regarding procedures and methods, types of existing and new medical equipments. Our area of specialty includes but is not limited to bio-medical science, surgery, laboratory, pharmaceutical or other environmental related products, chemicals, devices and equipments.

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