A) Advance Nano Technology

AMRICH is highly focused nowadays on latest technology development ideas in medical science and environmental field s. We have successfully established global partnership to share our scientific ideas and to achieve maximum success with the final goal to help millions of those that live around the globe.

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B) Small & Medium Digial Devices

AMRCIH works hard to achieve a variety of latest technology models used in everyday life and the medical industry. See Pictures

C) Digital Hearing Aids

AMRICH helps manufacture small and precise digital technology- classic designs, to achieve profound sound with high quality & specification match, and allow warranty terms. See our hearing box below & other pictures

D) Others

  • Hospital Supply
  • Clinical test equipments
  • Family Medical Supply
  • Advanced Medical machinery
  • Radiology Medical Cosmetology
  • Surgical supply
  • Orthopedics & Dental

E) Custom Order

AMRICH is well re- known for its quality symbol & perfection. We had built an excellent team to approach for high quality match & standard results. There our goal is to ensure that we design and deliver what you exactly desire and paid for.

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